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You know the symptoms when you're sick, but do you know the symptoms when your vehicle is sick? Do you feel a vibration when shifting gears or hear grinding noises? Does your vehicle have any wet spots underneath it? These could all be signs that your transmission is going out. You need to call Chapman's Service Center at 610-777-6896 and schedule an appointment.

Specializing in engine and transmission replacement
You've come to the right place if you need your engine or transmission replaced. It's our specialty, and we take pride in giving you the best service in this area!

Get a 3 year / 100,000 mile warranty on Jasper installations

You know you can count on remanufactured engines and transmissions from Jasper. Get more life out of your vehicle with a quality installation from us.

Save money and keep your vehicle reliable:

  • Jasper engine installations
  • Jasper transmission installations
  • RMP Powertrain Solutions products
  • Powertrain Products Inc. products
  • Auto parts for used engines and transmissions

Free diagnostics - we'll diagnose why your dashboard is lit up and then give you a free estimate on repairs! Schedule your appointment by calling 610-777-6896.

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